Thursday, November 18, 2010

Des!gn Elements & Pr!nc!ples

Design element and the principles describes the fundamental on the ideas, practice and strategies for good visual designs. The elements being used when we describe the design, and the principles helps us to understand composition in a larger scale. First step to create a successful visual composition is being aware on design principles. The principle can overlap each other and be used in all visual design.


This image shows us some of the element and principles that work very well together in harmony and unity. In the back ground, you can see the staircase that leads to the next floor. You find a black massive column in the middle ground with horizontal lines from the roof down to the floor. Lounge seating behind the column and under the mezzanine on the right side. All the the horizontal and vertical lines from the column, furniture, speakers on the slabs between ground and upper floor, wall boards and the suspended ceiling goes parallel with each other and create a slick and elegant atmosphere. The primary colour black gives a contrast to the second colour yellow/gold that create the feeling of luxury. Both of this elements harmonize very well together to create that high class style. The shape of the wall board start from the ground and continous up to the next floor and ceiling with a back light . This repetition of the board create the primary vocal point in this space.