Monday, October 25, 2010

Yellow Splash of this week!

The Ideology behind the M!n! Project

Ideology: the branch of philosophy or psychology dealing with the orgin and nature of ideas.

Dolphin House complex was once a group of fine residences but after the years it became more and more a sad place to live. I feel a big reason for that is because they have close them self away from the rest of the "world" The complex is like a jail behind fences and heavy brick walls. 

My ideology is to make this complex more "visible" to the rest of the nabourhood. That's why I choose to go with more open selution in my project. White extirior walls and bigger windows to let more light in and a more contemporary feeling. Interaction between who is going to live there
                                          and to everyone around.

"Live togheter with a brighter future"

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The M!n! Project

Our first mini sketch project is done and I'm ready for some real tears and pain on our upcoming degree project! On this project, i had to combine four existing apartment into one residental unit for 4
x-troubled young adult with one supervisor. Dolphins Barn in Dublin.

My misson was to create a fresh and cool home where these boys could put their past behind and support each other in a interactive

With water ripples as my concept, I went for the open solution where everyone could be linked and united with eachother and other people around them in their lifes

Thursday, October 14, 2010


I have to confess, YES, I'm a first time blog user..! This blog is all about my school project from Studio and Cad. Ya'll will also find links to home pages and video relevant to architecture and design. Stay tuned for some yellow craziness! Peace out!